How do I cancel or reverse a transaction?

As described in our Terms of Use, your interactions with other users via the Kidfund platform, including any gifts or other transactions, are entirely between you and those other users. While Kidfund is meant to facilitate your communication, we are not a party to any transaction you may enter into with any other user. 

We do understand that there may be circumstances in which you've sent a gift in error. In certain cases, we may be able to assist in helping facilitate the cancellation of your gift transaction. These circumstances include when the cancellation is requested within 48 hours and the funding source from which it was sent has remained linked to your account. If this is the case, please contact our support team at (or, when in the app, shake your phone to bring up our support menu). 

If you've sent a gift in error that has successfully cleared into a savings account, you must contact the recipient to request a reversal of the gift amount.